Renuka Chowdhury, Congress Leader, plans to sue Prime Minister Narendra Modi for defamation over his remark about ‘Surpanakha’

Renuka Chowdhury, the Congress leader, has now stated that she will file a defamation suit against the PM for the alleged ‘Surpnakha’ remark made in parliament in 2018.”Let’s see how fast the court acts now,” Renuka Chowdhary wrote.

Renuka shared an old video of a parliamentary session where PM Modi compared her laugh to the “Ramayana’ serial’s character ‘Surpanakha,” infamous for her deadly laughter, without naming her.

“This classless megalomaniac referred to me as Surpanakha on the floor of the house.” I will file a defamation case against him.  “Let’s see how quickly the courts act now,” the Congress leader said.


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