RUPSA stops online classes as mark of protest

Bengaluru:The Recognised Unaided Private Schools Association (RUPSA) has decided to stop online classes at its member-schools in Karnataka from today to bring pressure on the State government to consider the demands of private unaided schools.
In a press release here on Monday, RUPSA President Lokesh Talikatti said that around 12,000-member schools will discontinue Online classes. “In the first phase we are staging a protest and if the government fails to consider our demands, we will approach the Court.”
However, KUSMA, KAMS and CBSE School Managements have not joined RUPSA. D Shashi Kumar, general secretary, Associated Management of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka, said, “none of our member-schools are stopping Online classes and we are all ready to reopen schools as per the government guidelines.”

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