Sanatan Dharma Controversy: Priyank Kharge hits back BL Santosh With Basavanna’s Vachana

Priyank Kharge has supported DMK leader Udayanidhi Stalin’s statement that ‘Sanatana Dharma shall be eliminated’. BJP National General Secretary BL Santosh tweeted in the same background, “If someone has an infection in the stomach, do you cut off their head?”.

Priyank Kharge has responded to Santhosh’s tweet, “Is it a religion without mercy? He quoted Basavanna’s verse, “Kudolasangayyana nantalladollanaiya” is the root of religion in all animals.

”BL Santosh, I agree with your argument that infection needs treatment, but many infections have plagued this society for thousands of years. Those infections still persist and discriminate between humans. They have refused to give some people the dignity of being human.

” I am not a Buddha. Please guide me also. Who created such a society? Who made one more righteous than another? Who divided the society on the basis of caste? Why do some people touch more people? Why are some temples still not accessible to some? Who implemented the system to make women live in inferiority? “Who brought the caste-based social structure of inequality and oppression,” Kharge asked a series of questions.

“No one has the intention of chopping off anyone’s head. But the infection has to be cured by giving equal rights and dignified life to every human being. The remedy for all these is in our constitution. But you are against it. You are also from Karnataka, spreading the essence of humanity spread by Basavanna everywhere. It will make it possible to build an equal society,” said Kharge.

Finally, the title ends with the lines of Basavanna’s verse, “Ivanarava Ivanarava Ivanarava Nendenisadirayya, Iva Nammava, Iva Nammava, Iva Namma Nandenisaiya Kudala Sangama Deva is the son of your great house”.

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