The case of setting fire to the beard of a blind Muslim old man: Two miscreants arrested

The police have finally tracked down the absconding accused in connection with the case of setting fire to the beard of a blind Muslim old man and forcing him to say Jai Shri Ram at midnight in Gangavati city of Koppal, and have arrested two persons including a software engineer.

Sagar Shetty Kalki (24), a software engineer of Kuvempu barangay in Gangavati, and Narasappa (25), a resident of Kallappa camp, are the arrested accused.

He has spoken derogatory about the Muslim community and threatened to kill. Hussain Saab (65), a blind man from Mehboob Nagar, had complained to the police that he took him under the railway bridge on the way to Siddikeri and assaulted him by forcing him to say ‘Jai Shri Ram’. The police had registered an FIR against an unknown person in connection with the incident.

The police, who took the case seriously, finally found and arrested the two accused who had taken the old man on a bike.

Koppal District Superintendent of Police Yashodha Vantagodi, who gave information about this in a press conference, said, ‘So far the investigation has been done from all dimensions. According to Jai Shri Ram, there is no basis for the allegation that the old man was pressured. “There is no record that Hussain’s beard was set on fire,” she said.

‘He asked to give a drop to the accused who was intoxicated. Narasappa, who was sitting in the middle, grabbed the hat of the old man while he was riding the bike. As the old man got angry, the youth took him near the railway bridge and assaulted him, saying that he should be taught wisdom. The accused gave information about it during the interrogation, said the SP.

Among the accused, Sagar Shetty is a software engineer and another accused is an agriculturalist. The old man was angry that the hat was torn. In this background, the two got together and took him under the railway bridge assaulted him, and also took Rs. 250 from Hussain Saab’s possession and confessed that he left there.

The Koppal District Superintendent of Police praised the special investigation team that arrested the accused for taking the case seriously and announced a reward.

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