Tipu Sultan’s Salam Puja Stopped by Karnataka Government

The Karnataka State Religious Council has issued a circular to stop the practice of Salam Puja to the deity of Tipu Sultan’s time. Salam Puja to the deity has been going on in many famous temples of the state since Tipu’s reign. In Dakshina Kannada district Kukke Subrahmanya, Kollur, and Puttur Mahalingeshwar temples also had this custom. But Salam Puja should not be performed in the coming days. Instead, the state government has instructed the Mujarai Department to perform Deepa Namaskar Puja in the evening. Suryanarayana Bhatt, a member of the religious council, Kashekodi, has given information in this regard.

The religious council has taken the final decision on this. Instead of ‘Salam Aarti’, the name has been changed to ‘Aarti Namaskara’ and ‘Salam Mangalarati’ to ‘Mangalarati Namaskara’. But the service in the temples will continue as usual. Salam is not a Sanskrit word. Therefore, the members of the religious council expressed the opinion that the Sanskrit word should be used for Mangalarati as well as for all other services.

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