To dispel superstitions, ZP President Sujata Kallimani to spend night at graveyard

BIJAPUR; 13 Mar:  With an objective of removing superstition and spreading scientific temper among the people, Zilla Panchayat President, Sujata Kallimani has taken a bold decision to spend night at a graveyard in Jumanal village on March 14.

Informing this at a press conference on Saturday, she said that it is important to make the society superstition free and make the people start believing logically and scientifically.

“ It is essential that the people should be made to understand that we live in a technologically advanced world. Our thinking should be rationale and logically. That is what our Constitution teaches as to develop scientific temper among the people. B. R. Ambedkar vehemently believed and followed it till his last breath. Every Indian should believe to make it part of our daily life that we should all stop believing in superstitions”, she asserted.

With this objective only, she has decided to spend a night at the graveyard to dispel myths and blind beliefs.

Kallimani said that as part of her village stay programme, she has already spent night at Dalit colonies, Shepherd colonies and with the Devadasis to understand their problems.

Now, going a step ahead, this time she has decided to spend a night at the graveyard.

She said KPCC working president, Satish Jarkiholi, who is one of the leaders who has been constantly fighting against superstitions, would be present to launch the programme.

“ With his bold and strong initiatives to remove superstitions from the society, Satish Jarkiholi has now become a household name. He would be attending the event here to launch it”, she said.

Besides, a noted myth buster, Hulikal Nagaraj would be attending the event where he would be showing some of the tricks so called ‘magicians’ and ‘Godmen’ how they hoodwink the people.

On the occasion, a symposium would be held where several Rationalists such as G. S. Patil, Pallavi Dor, Sujata Chalavadi, S. K. Umesh, Indimati Salimath and others would deliver lecture and share their views on superstitions. Several leaders of the Congress, JD(S) and BJP would also be present in the event, she said.

Ahinda leader, Somanath Kallimani was present.

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