US President Joe Biden said, ‘It was not Israel that attacked the hospital

US President Joe Biden has reached Israel’s capital Tel Aviv today amid the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel reaching its 12th day.

After reaching the airport, he met and hugged Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

After that, Biden addressed the media with the Prime Minister of Israel in Tel Aviv. This time, he rejected the accusation against Israel by saying that Israel did not carry out the attack on the hospital in Gaza.

“Deeply saddened by the attack on a hospital in Gaza. Based on what I saw, Israel did not bomb the hospital. He gave a clean chit to Israel by saying that it was done by someone else’s team.

In this way, without directly referring to Hamas as ‘someone else’s team’ for the incident of the attack on the hospital, he spoke like a lamp on the cross wall, and now it has created doubt in the international media.

‘Washington will give Israel everything it needs to defend itself. The killing of Israeli civilians in a surprise attack on October 7 was worse than Hamas and ISIS. Hamas is the enemy of the Palestinian people. I want to say here that America stands with Israel against Hamas,’ said Biden.

At this time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was sitting on the right side of Biden, was seen shaking his head. The US President’s statement is not his own. He said just what Israel said. Netizens and human rights activists have criticized Biden that America is not ready to openly accept the war crimes committed by Israel.

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