Uttarakhand Tunnel Rescue Leaders share triumph: Rat Miner Team leaders Vakil Hassan and Munna Qureshi speak to Media

Delhi-based rescue team, led by Team Leader Wakeel Hassan and the fearless rat miner Munna Qureshi, successfully reached the trapped workers on the other side of a tunnel in Uttarakhand, bringing an end to their ordeal that began on November 12.

Munna Qureshi, the unsung hero of the operation, shared his experience, “I removed the last rock. I could see them. Then I went to the other side. They hugged us, lifted us, and thanked us for taking them out. We worked continuously in the last 24 hours. I can’t express my happiness. I have done it for my country.”

The rescue, marked by the relentless efforts of the Delhi team, highlights not only their skill and bravery but also underscores the spirit of unity and resilience in the face of adversity. Wakeel Hassan, leader of the rat mining team that dug the final 18 meters, stated proudly, “We completed the digging work in 28 hours,” showcasing the determination that fueled this dramatic tunnel rescue.

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