Vidyagama programme to resume soon, says Education Minister

Chamarajanagar: Minister for Primary and Secondary Education S Suresh Kumar has said that Vidyagama programme, which was stopped, will be commenced again.
Speaking to media here on Wednesday, he clarified that the scheme was stopped on October 10 due to Covid-19 pandemic and now the positive rates have come down to about one per cent.
He said the department has undertaken a number of improvements, including the temporary implementation of a new form of security measures at the request of the Supreme Court.
The Vidyagama program is set to take place on the premises of government, aided and unaided schools. The online channels of Chandana will continue as usual.
Half-day children can come to school wearing a mask and sit down and learn a lesson. Parental consent is mandatory and children are checked through a thermal scanner at each school. Students with fever, cough, common cold and symptoms of Covid-19 may not come. Making sanitizer, soap and other sanitation systems.
Creating a team of 15-20 students based on the number of teachers available and the number of rooms available. There is an opportunity to cooperate with the local health department when necessary.
The classes are being conducted on the basis of the recommendation of a panel of experts and all kinds of standard operating procedures are carried out on an SOP basis. Not everyone is coming at once, as children attend classroom lessons.
Mentor teachers in the respective area list a few children in the neighbourhood closest to them. Parents should understand that this is not a school start, the minister said.
Vidyagama is very beneficial for rural students and on-line education for the deprived. The Compulsory Education Act treats the learning of any student. As the government is responsible for educating students in any environment, it is mandatory for children to be enrolled in schools and to ensure that their learning is sustained.
According to the government’s guidelines, private schools in rural areas, especially budget schools, can start their own environment and engage their children in learning. It can be communicated to students through online circulars already issued or, if available, allowed.
The Minister said that the resources available to any school should be able to take responsibility for the learning of children as a whole and protect the interests of children.
“Overall, we need to encourage children’s learning continuum from the best interests of our children,” he added

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