We are Maratahas and Karnataka is our motherland; says Marathas

The community has reacted to opposition for Marataha Welfare Board

BIJAPUR; 20 Nov:  Thanking Chief Minister, B. S. Yediyurappa for announcing to set up Maratha Development Corporation and setting aside Rs. 50 crore for the purpose, Rahul Jadhav, Former Corporator of Maratha community and General Secretary of Maratha Samaj has said that the CM has met long standing demand of the community.

In a release, he said that the government should also provide reservation to the community under 2A category.

Reacting to some of the people who are creating controversy and opposing the formation of the corporation for Marathas, he made it clear that the corporation has not been formed for the development of Marathi language but for the welfare of Maratha community.

“ We belong to the Maratha community who are born and lived in Karnataka which is our motherland for generations. Kannada language, culture and tradition is ours. But some people are trying to project Marathas as anti-Kannada and anti-Karnataka which is absolutely baseless and wrong. As the government, whose job is to provide justice to all the communities of the state, in that regard, CM  has granted funds for the development of Maratha community of Karnataka”, he asserted.

Stating that several families of the community living in Karnataka are facing financial issues and their socio-economic condition is weak, the corporation will help them in a better manner.

Accusing some of the pro-Maratha organizations working in places such as Belagavi of creating a wrong picture of Marathas, Jadhav said that these organizations are going against Kannada and the culture for their political gains.

Strongly opposing such organizations, he said that except some Marathi speaking people of Belgavi, most of the Marathas strongly Kannadigas and they do not support organizations such as MES.

“ It is highly regrettable that some people are trying to project every Maratha of Karnataka as anti-Kannadiga, which is wrong”, he said.

He also took exception to leaders of Maharshtra for often raising the issue of border and demanding Belagavi to be given to Maharashtra. “ We strongly condemn such statements and we do not support such demands as Belagavi is an integral part of Karnataka which will never be given to Maharashtra”, he asserted.

Other members of the community who have signed the release are, Vijay Chavan, Prabhakar Bhosle, Bhimashankar Shivalkar, Shankar Kanase, Tanaji Jadhav, Vithal Chavan, Raju Mane, Vijaykumar Ghatage, Hariba More, Sanjay Jahav, Gajanad Chavan, Dipak Kale and Vijay Pawar.

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