Why didn’t Modi go to Manipur? – No confidence motion debate starts

New Delhi: The opposition has presented a no-confidence motion against the central government on the Manipur issue. Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi from Assam initiated the discussion. He said that the motion of no confidence had to be brought to break the silence of the Prime Minister.

Why did Prime Minister Modi not visit Manipur?, Why is Manipur not ready to change the Chief Minister?, Why is the Prime Minister silent? There are three questions to be asked. Why did it take 80 days to talk about Manipur? “He spoke for just 30 seconds,” he said.

A motion of no confidence is a motion for justice. Manipur needs justice. 150 people died in Manipur. About 5000 houses were burnt down. About six thousand people are in relief camps. Gaurav Gogoi said that the Prime Minister will have to accept that the double engine government and the Manipur government have failed.

12 hours have been allotted for the discussion of the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha. BJP will get six hours and 41 minutes based on its strength. Congress will get one hour and 15 minutes.

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