Works of Synthetic Track over but date for inauguration not in sight

BIJAPUR; 01 Jan:  Even after nearly two months of finishing the construction of the first synthetic track at district stadium – the officials of the sports department are restricting the athletes from practicing in the same stadium.

Under the various schemes and grants including local MLA funds the Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports (DYES) has developed the first synthetic track, which is of national standards, in the Dr B R Ambedkar district stadium at a project cost of around Rs 7 crore.

After two years the authorities have completed the construction of synthetic track, which was delayed by one year due to Covid induced lockdown. Even though all the works have been completed the athletes are forced to practice at other grounds and skating tracks as the newly developed stadium is yet to be inaugurated. 

Gopal Lamani, athletic coach, said that, “With the authorities restricting the sportspersons from practicing in the newly developed track the athletes are forced to train on other grounds. While training in mud grounds the athletes are more prone to injuries. After a gap of six months the athletic competitions are being hosted but we are failing to perform well.” 

“The officials had assured that the stadium will be thrown open in the mid-December but even till date it has not been opened. Now, the authorities are claiming that they will inaugurate it another couple of weeks. It will be helpful if the sports department permits the athletes to train in the newly developed synthetic track instead of waiting until the inauguration,” urged trainer Lamani.

According to sources, the district administration and officials of DYES are planning to get it inaugurated either from District Minister Shashikala Jolle,  but she is said to be busy in different programmes

S G Loni, assistant director of DYES, said that, “We will not permit the athletes to practice until and unless the stadium is inaugurated. I agree that the inauguration is being delayed because of official reasons. However, we are planning to organise the inaugural ceremony in the first week of January. I request the athletes to cooperate for another two weeks,” added AD Loni.

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