Your divisive politics has brought us here today: Actor Kishore hits at PM Modi indirectly

‘Unapologetically women, shame on your 56-inch chest’. Stop your sloganeering and work first, says the multi-lingual actor.
Multilingual actor Kishore launched an indirect attack on PM Modi saying ‘Your politics of dividing people just for votes and power has brought us here today’.
Actor Kishore, who shared a Facebook post after the video of the incident in which two women belonging to the Kuki tribal community of Manipur were paraded naked, expressed his outrage by referring to some of the developments taking place in the country.

“Your politics of dividing people just for votes and power, has brought us here today. “If you don’t open your mouth and apologize to these women now, shame on your 56 inch chest,” he said sharply.

Actor Kishore mentioned some cases in his post, ‘Yes, how can we expect anything from you? Aren’t you the one who quietly supported the accused in the case of sexual assault of female wrestlers? Aren’t you the one who quietly released the accused in the Bilkis Banu case and celebrated? Aren’t you the one who covered up the rape and murder of Dalit girls of Hathras???? He asked.

Kishore further said that ”Stop your slogans and work disdainful for your beti bachao drama …. ” and attacked the central government and Prime Minister Modi.

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