Caste Atrocities: Lock Hotels, Barber Shops If Dalits Come

Koppal: ‘Leave the way for the Dalits to come, give the state to the hands of the Dalits..’ – A revolutionary song written by the poet Dr. Siddalingaiah.

The implication at this time is that the oppressed Dalits should become a state with a life of equality, freedom, and self-respect. However, the reality is still grim. Exploitation of Dalits is increasing. Inhuman incidents such as the closing of hotels, because Dalits have come, are also happening in Karnataka.

Incidents of Dalits being denied entry into hotels and barbershops have been reported in Dharwad, Gadag, Davangere, and Mandya districts. Another similar incident took place in Halavarthi village of Koppal district. In the village, if the Dalits come to the hotel, the hotel is closed, and the incident of caste violence has come to light.

Dalit youths questioned the village elites preventing Dalits from entering hotels and barber shops and took the hotel and barbershop owners to task on Wednesday. They laid siege to the Gram Panchayat and protested.

Dalits are given ‘disposable’ plates in hotels. Dominant castes are fed in steel plates. Dalits are not shaved in barbershops. The Dalit youths said that if this atrocity is questioned, they will shut down the hotels and shops.

“A Dalit youth is in an impossible situation. Despite pleading with him to shave him, the barber shop owner locked the shop without shaving him. Dalits are not allowed to touch village tap water. “Watchmen have been appointed to ensure that Dalits do not come to the lake,” expressed the youth.

“Officials who got information about the incident visited the village on Thursday and questioned the owner of the hotel and the barbershop. Action will be taken against the culprits. We will hold a meeting in the village,” said District Collector Nalin Atul.

Commenting on the incident, Koppal district in-charge minister Shivraj Thangadagi said, “It is unforgivable that Dalits are not allowed in hotels. We will take action against those who committed caste atrocities,” he said.

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