Palestine : Long history of Betrayal

Palestine : Long history of Betrayal

The history of the presence of Jews in Palestine since ancient times is all full of genocide and betrayal.The present day terror which the Illegal Zionist Occupation is using on Palestinians should be met out by all possible means by any Palestinian Side including Hamas. Nobody in the world have the right to question them.

The World betrayed Palestinians on many occasions firstly including the 1917’s Balfour Declaration, which was a masterpiece of dishonesty on part of Britain, the shame of which, could not be washed as long as the English Nation exist in the world.
As Lord Balfour(British foreign minister at that time), when taking decision on the future of Palestine, quotes in his dairy “We do not need to consult the local inhabitants, Zionism means more to us than the aspirations and prejudices of 70,000 Arabs who inhabit this ancient land.”

Secondly, decision of the League of Nations in 1922, to give Palestine under the mandate of British taking into consideration the condition to help Jews in every way to make Palestine their National Home inspite the fact that they constituted only 10% of the population even after they began to move to Palestine in large numbers and also to Officially recognise the Zionist Organization, making it a partner in administration. While on the Part of Palestinians as the original inhabitants of the area, Britain only needed to safeguard their religious and civil rights, but not their political rights.

Thirdly, in 1947 the decision of UN’s General Assembly to divide Palestine between Jews and Arabs, giving 55% of the total area to Jews, who then numbered 33% of the population and 45% of the Land to the Arabs, constituting 67% of the total population, further illegally converting the Status of Palestine from the ‘National Home’ to an Ethnic Nation State for the Jews.

Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians by rapes, murders and looting of agricultural land/property and gross human rights violations got more and more normalised. But, shamelessly the world with its mighty media houses has to question Palestinians and Hamas. Nobody questioned Britain, the League of Nations or (the American Puppet) UN and the Illegal Zionist Occupation in the region.

Defence from the Palestinian people only means resistance to the terror of a Colonial/Imperial Illegal Zionist Occupation.

Zionist Occupation was always and will always be Illegal.

As, Sayyed Hassan Nasarullah said,
“There is no solution of a conflict in the region except the disappearance of Israel.”

From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.

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