Rajani Shetty, who shows motherly love to hundreds of stray dogs gets Press Club Award

Mangalore: Rajani Shetty, a resident of Ballalbagh, Mangalore, who feeds more than 800 stray dogs, 15 cats, 11 hawks, cattle, crows, cuckoos, turtles, and rabbits in her home, has been selected for the Mangaluru Press Club’s award of the year.

Mangalore Press Club Executive Committee has selected Rajani Shetty for the award for the year 2022. Mangalore Press Club General Secretary Muhammad Arif Padubidri said in a statement that the award will be presented to Rajani Shetty at the Press Club Day program to be held on March 5 at Paradise Island near Bokkapatla in the city.

Rajani Shetty, who lives in a small rented house in Mannagudde with her husband and three children, dedicates her house to injured, sick dogs, cats, and birds. Rajani Shetty said, who lives in the street, gets stuck in cars, gets poisoned, and dies, has a right to live. Rajini Shetty’s is a raised hand.
She has rescued many dogs and cats. They also take care of the birds injured while cutting trees by keeping them in their home nest. Parrots and eagles have also found shelter in Rajaniakka’s house.

Rajani’s house cooks rice mixed with chicken from 60 kg of rice every day. They serve more than 800 dogs. The daughter or husband comes with Damodar Shetty on a scooter to feed the dogs.

She has been feeding dogs for the past 16 years and has rescued over 2500 animals. In the beginning, they cooked food for the dogs with their own labor money but now organizations like Biruver Kudla and the public are cooperating. Injured animals are treated by Animal Care Trust.

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