UP officer’s wife about to jump into Ganges with millions of gold & kids, but something like this happened

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, one terrifying aspect of change in life is the increasing mental depression in families. It’s scope has widened from poor to even rich families. A woman from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh was going to commit suicide, along with her two children by drowning in the lap of the holy Ganges in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar.

The woman, wife of an officer from Ghaziabad, had left the house with the intention of killing herself and her two children 10 years and 12 years, due to some problem that was badly affecting her. However, fate did not approve her death as the driver of the bus from which she was traveling to Haridwar, not only saved the life of this woman and her children, also she was safely returned her family members. The identities of the officer and his wife have been kept confidential by the police.

The woman had to go to Haridwar, but during the journey the bus driver found the woman’s behavior strange. He found the woman was excessively upset, therefore, when they reached Roorkee bus stand, the driver informed the policemen posted at there about this woman and said that she seemed mentally disturbed. The policemen informed the Kotwali in-charge Inspector Amarchand Sharma. From there the Inspector-in-Charge asked the policemen to bring the woman to the Kotwali.

When the police spoke to the woman, it was found that she has two children. During interrogation, it was revealed that the woman is the wife of a senior officer posted in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) in Ghaziabad. While talking to the police, the woman became very emotional. The woman said she was is going to die by drowning in the Ganges river along with her children because she was upset with life.

When the police searched her bag, they found about 20 tolas of gold jewelery inside it. The police were surprised. When they strictly asked her about the jewelry, she told that it was her own jewelery. And before drowning, she wanted to donate it to a temple or a monastery.

Listening to her words, the senses of the policemen were blown away. They brought the women to Kotwali, where the female police took her details and informed the woman’s husband, he was called to Roorkee.

When the woman’s husband reached there, the police once again counseled the woman. After which the woman assured her husband she would not take such a step in future. After this incident, the police sent the children and the woman along with her husband. Hence, a bus driver’s, saved a full-fledged laughing family from being ruined.

Many such incidents in the country are smoldering like lava inside due to depression. Although the psychologists of the country are worried about this problem, it is outside the agenda of the government. Due to the society living in the roots of depression, this disease is not coming under the purview of the concerns of the governments in the same way as there concerns are about the environment.

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