As much as Jitendra Narayan Tyagi is guilty of making hate speeches at Haridwar Dharam Sansad, we’re all equally responsible : Yati Narsinghanand

Controversial Hindutva leader Yati Narasimhanand Saraswati admitted that as much as Jitendra Narayan Tyagi alias Waseem Rizvi is guilty of making hate speeches in the Haridwar Dharam Sansad, they’re all equally responsible for it. He also made derogatory comments against Muslims.

On Thursday, Jitendra Narayan Tyagi, was arrested from Roorkee in connection with the Haridwar Hate speech assembly.

Tyagi, the first one to be arrested, is among more than 10 people named in the FIRs lodged in connection with the case.

In an interview with media persons, Yati Narsinghanand said, “It’s injustice that in one crime committed by everyone, only one person was sent to jail and other left. How much Tyagi is guilty, we’re all equally responsible for it. We all together had organised the Dharam Sansad. Why did you send one person (to jail). If you want send everyone, not just one. This is a conspiracy and some bad people are involved in this. The conspiracy is that if you convert from Muslim to Hindu then this would be your condition. We’re protesting against this.”

Violent hate speeches, calling for the genocide of Muslims were delivered by several Hindutva leaders at a three-day conclave, organised by the controversial Hindutva leader Yati Narsinghanand held at Haridwar from 17 to 19 December.

Further making derogatory remarks against the Muslim community, he said, “We have to make the entire world’s 200 crores animals (Muslims), as human beings. Get back 200 crore Muslims back to Sanatan (Hinduism). However, this blockage is happening because the root of Islam is shaken.”

“Thousands of Muslims here in Bareli, Dehradun had gathered and said what not? But not a single FIR has been filed against them. Although we registered an FIR, no investigation was done on it. No one is inquiring them, nor they’re sent to jail but sent our brother to jail. This is his fight of honour, we’ll fight with him at any cost,” he added.

He accused Muslims of supplying money and women to politicians. “I’m not blaming the government or any political party, but there are such people in everywhere. Firstly, Zakath (donation) money that Jihadi distribute and secondly, the women they supply nowadays. Most of the brokers you must’ve seen who supply women, do prostitution are Muslims. It’s a very big conspiracy and we’ll talk about it some other day.

“Using money and women, which Muslim-Jihadi have in abundance, have destroyed our nation. All these reach our politicians and you can see the results our brother is in jail,” Narsinghanand said.


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