Assam advises its citizens not to visit neighboring Mizoram

Guwahati: With the situation turned tense between Assam and Mizoram over border issue, the government of Assam has advised its citizens to avoid visiting Mizoram.

Stating that the visit could bring threat to the lives of people of Assam, the government has asked the people of its State to avoid travelling to its neighboring State.

The Assam government has issued this advisory after the clash broke out between people and police of both states four days ago where six police personnel of Assam died in the clash and firing.

Considering tense situation in Mizoram, while people of Assam should not travel to Mizoram and the Assamese working in Mizoram should stay cautious, the advisory said.

The government is saying that many small clashes continued to get reported from border areas.

The statement alleged that some civil society groups of Mizoram are threatening to take action against people of Assam and provoking the people of Assam.

Meanwhile, the Centre has deployed armed forces at the conflict area to prevent any clash

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