Controversial decision of Assam Dibrugarh University: Appointment of a person with no academic experience to the post of Practicing Professor

Assam’s Dibrugarh University has been embroiled in controversy over the appointment of a man with no academic experience as a professor of practice.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma’s brother Diganta Biswa Sharma was directly appointed as Professor of Practice at Dibrugarh University without any interview or academic background. The registrar of the university issued an order on August 21 that this will remain in force for one year or until further notice.

Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) provide education and familiarization and provide a repository of knowledge to inspire students to cultivate rich cultural values and heritage, the circular said.

This is the recommendation of NEP. This means that according to the new NEP policy of the central government, those with experience working in private institutions can be directly appointed as practicing professors without any competitive examination and without any academic experience.

The KasturiRangan Committee believes that those appointed as professors will impart their professional experience in teaching.

Those appointed as university professors should adhere to the Constitution of India and inculcate secular values in the students as per the university curriculum. But as per the NEP policy, those who are appointed are from an ideological background and only instill communal feelings in the students. This will end social justice in the society and create unrest in the society. Brahmins and the non-Brahmin upper castes are flourishing. Dalit, backward and minority communities are likely to be oppressed again. In this background, NEP is fatal for the educational system of the country.

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