Nepali tourist claims molestation by crowd in Assam

A Nepali woman tourist has accused a mob in Assam’s Jorhat district of molesting her because she was purportedly dressed in men’s clothing.

Police have registered a case and launched an investigation into the matter.

“Update on the allegations of an assault on an individual from Nepal. A case has been filed,” Assam Police stated on X.

They mentioned that the sub-divisional police officer of Titabor is in contact with the complainant and overseeing further actions as per the law.

The victim raised allegations of molestation and police inaction through a video on social media earlier that day.

She stated that she was targeted by a mob in the Mariani area simply because she was dressed like a boy.

According to her, the group, consisting of six to seven individuals, including a woman and a local reporter, grabbed her hair and ripped half of her T-shirt.

Identifying herself as a Nepali tourist visiting Assam, she claimed she was subjected to racism.

Furthermore, she alleged that when she visited the local police station the following morning to file a complaint, the officers were unhelpful and mocked her.

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