Bihar: Dalit Man Made to do Sit-Ups, Lick Spit by Panchayat Head Candidate Who Lost Election

A panchayat head candidate in Aurangabad district of Bihar who lost the election has been arrested after a video of him assaulting two Dalit men for not voting him went viral, NDTV reported.

A video has been surfacing on social media where the candidate, Balwant Singh, is heard verbally abusing the Dalit men and punishing them by making them do sit-ups while holding their ears, according to reports.

He was seen physically assaulting one of the men, holding him by the neck and pushing him to the ground. The candidate also forced the Dalit to spit on the ground and lick it.

NDTV, however couldn’t independently verify the authenticity of the video.

In the video, Balwant can be heard mentioning that he paid the two voters, and they still didn’t vote for him.

Balwant, as per the reports, has alleged that the two men were creating nuisance after getting drunk, and he was punishing them for it after they got sober.

Talking to NDTV, Superintendent of Police Kantesh Kumar Mishra said that the matter is being investigated.

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