Victim of Bihar Sharif violence gets new lease of life with aid from Miles2Smile

Imteyaz lost his source of livelihood during the Ram Navami violence in Bihar Sharif in Bihar’s Nalanda district as he was almost lynched. As Hindutva goons thrashed him, he cried out to his God to spare his life for the sake of his children, Ayat and Rehan. His e-rickshaw was damaged by the attackers, through which he used to buy vegetables to be sold.

Miles2Smile Foundation helped him by transferring one lakh rupees to his account so that he can restart his business as earn his own money and rebuild his life.

Miles2Smile is a non-profit organization founded by Delhi-based Research Scholar and journalist Aasif Mujtaba, and works for the relief of victims of violence and is currently working for the victims of Ram Navami violence in Bihar Sharif.

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