BJP MP, Subramaniam Swamy filed Rs. 100 Cr defamation case against Telugu newspaper

Tirupati:  Rajya Sabha member Dr Subramaniam Swamy on Wednesday announced his decision to file a Rs 100 crore defamation case against Telugu newspaper Andhrajyoti.

Speaking to reporters at Tirupati district court corridor, the BJP leader alleged that at behest of TDP president Chandrababu, the local newspapers Andhrajyoti were publishing all half truths and defamatory news items about TTD damaging the reputation of heritage Hindu institution.

He said the newspaper has been deliberately campaigning against TTD in its attempt to defame CM YS Jaganmohan Reddy . “AndhraJyoti feels that Chandrababu will save it by hook or crooks ,but he has lost popular support and is now attempting to sow seeds of hatred between castes and communities.”

He has been invited by the TTD Executive Officer to argue on behalf of the TTD in the 2019 defamation case hoisted on Andhrajyoti.

Since it was court holiday, he will sign on court papers today and declared that he had never lost a defamation suit in his lifetime of court practice.

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