Culture Ministry to study racial purity of Indians, Rahul slams Govt Ministry says ‘misleading’ article

According to Morning Standard, the Ministry of culture will soon be acquiring a range of DNA profiling kits and all associated instruments and machinery to “trace the purity of races in India” which will lay down a genetic history. According to sources Govind Mohan, Ministry of Culture Secretary held a meeting with Prof. Vasant Shinde, a well-known archaeologist, and other scientists two months ago in Hyderabad.

Congress leader and Member of Parliament, Rahul Gandhi lashed the government on Twitter stating that India is in need of job security and economic prosperity “The last time a country had a culture ministry studying ‘racial purity, it didn’t end well”.

In reply to the Congress leader’s strong remarks, Ministry of Culture tweeted the news regarding Culture Ministry studying racial purity is misleading, “mischievous and contrary to facts”

On contact with Professor Shinde who belongs to National Institute of Study, Bangalore, founder of the Society of South Asian Archaeology, confirmed that the acquiring of various gadgets is in due process. He said that it will help study genetic mutations in Indian population in the last ten thousand years, “genetic mutation depends on the intensity of contact among populations and the time this process takes”, it will provide a clear-cut idea of the genetic history, and can be said that it will help in tracing the purity of the races.

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