Delta variant ripping worldwide at a scorching pace, driving new spike in cases, death: WHO Chief Tedros

WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said the Delta variant is ripping around the world at a scorching pace, driving a fresh spike in cases and deaths. He warned that the variant, now in more than 104 countries, is soon expected to be the dominant Covid-19 strain circulating around the globe.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, he said that last week marked the fourth consecutive week of rising Covid-1 cases globally, adding that with concern that after 10 weeks of declines, deaths are increasing again. 

“The Delta variant is ripping around the world at a scorching pace, driving a new spike in cases and death,” the Director-General of the World Health Organisation said in a statement, news agency PTI reported.

The world is watching in real-time as the Coronavirus continues to change and become more transmissible, he added.

WHO chief underscoring that the world should battle together to put out this pandemic inferno everywhere said, “my message today is that we are experiencing a worsening public health emergency that further threatens lives, livelihoods and a sound global economic recovery. It is definitely worse in places that have very few vaccines, but the pandemic is not over anywhere,” he noted.

Tedros, observing that as the Delta variant spreads, not everywhere is taking the same hit, said “we’re in the midst of a growing two-track pandemic where the haves and have-nots within and between countries are increasingly divergent.”

In countries with high vaccine coverage, Delta, first found in India, is spreading faster, “especially infecting unprotected and vulnerable people and steadily putting pressure back on health systems.” And in places with low vaccination coverage, the condition is “particularly bad,”

The WHO cheif stressed that Delta and other extremely transmissible strains are compelling catastrophic waves of case, translating into high numbers of hospitalisations and death.

“Even countries that successfully managed to ward off the early waves of the virus, through public health measures alone, are now in the midst of devastating outbreaks,” Tedros warned.

Ghebreyesus reiterated vaccination offers long-lasting immunity against severe and deadly Covid-19, said that the priority must be to vaccinate those who have received no doses and protection.

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