Government to soon provide 3 phase power to farmers 24/7: DCM Karjol

BIJAPUR; 01 April: Claiming that if APMC Act is implemented in the State, it will only benefit the farming community, Deputy Chief Minister, Govind Karjol has said that with the new Act, the farmers will not be restricted to sell their commodities only at APMC yards but can sell at any place where they get higher price.

Speaking at the BJP’s Raita Morcha district working committee meeting, he said that some people are spreading canards about the new Act stating that it will help only a few private traders and lead to closure of the APMCs.

“ Let me make it very clear that the people who are against the Act are only spreading false information about it among the people. Farmers should heed them as they have ill-objective”, he said.

He appealed the members of Raita Morcha to spread right information among the farmers to dispel the fears and take the use of the new Act.

“ The farmers should know that the new Act is meant for their benefit only. It lifts several restrictions to ease the business for the farmers”, he said.

Karjol said that in the last six years, Modi government has been doing well for the farming sector in order to double the earning of farmers.

He said that the government has made it free to use pumpset of 10 HP to draw water and they have to pay no power charges. The government is bearing all the costs of it which is coming to around Rs. 9000 annually.

The Minister claimed that since the government is installing two 400 MW power stations in the State, it will help to supply three phase power to farmers 24/7.

“ Soon we will be able to supply three phase power to farmers for 24/7, this will address their long pending demand of having three phase power for supplying water to their crops”, he said.

District President, R. S. Patil Kuchabal, Appu Pattanshetty, S. K. Bellubbi, Vijugouda Patil, Gurulingappagouda Patil and others were present.

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