BBC documentary finds Modi responsible for 2002 Gujarat massacre, India responds

For the first time, according to a BBC investigation, a covert UK government analysis claimed that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was “directly responsible” for the 2002 anti-Muslim massacres in Gujarat, India.
The Indian foreign Ministry termed it “propaganda” while responding to the BBC documentary.

India: The Modi Question, a documentary which was broadcast on BBC, stated that the conclusions were a result of an investigation that had been ordered by the then-foreign minister Jack Straw, who dispatched a team to Gujurat to look into the matter. The study from the UK government was never made public before it was brought to light in the documentary on released Tuesday.

According to the official UK investigation, there has been “widespread and systematic rape of Muslim women,” the crime was “politically motivated,” and the intention was to “purge Muslims from Hindu areas.” It also said, the massacre was a “systematic campaign of violence” having “all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing”.

The documentary is now censored from Youtube in India.


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