Gurugram: Muslims offered Namaz at businessman Akshay Yadav’s Shop

Muslims offered namaz at Hindu businessman Akshay Yadav’s vacant shop at Gurugram Sector 12 on Friday. It was the second week in a row, where members of Muslim community offered Friday prayers at Yadav’s shop.

The Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in the city had also offered their premises for offering namaz. However, prayers were not offered at the gurudwaras after Hindutva organizations allegedly put pressure on them not to allow it, according to The Indian Express.

Hindutva groups have been relentlessly blocking Muslims from gathering for Friday prayers at open spaces in Gurugram. Due to which, the district administration withdrew permission for prayers to be held at 8 out of 37 sites that were designated for namaz.

A group of nearly 20 people disrupted prayers at another designated namaz site in Sector 37, a playground in Gurugram, the report quoted police as saying. The protestors reportedly told the police that they would not allow namaz at the playground from next week as they wanted to play cricket at the site.

Around 2 pm on Friday, the shutters at Yadav’s shop were opened for Muslims. While the businessman was not in the city, mats had been laid out for them to offer namaz.

Talking to The Indian Express, Asif Khan, a shopkeeper, told that most people who offered prayers at Yadav’s shop work at the market or at shops in the neighbourhood. “We prayed here last week as well. The week before that, we prayed outdoors, where trouble was created,” Khan said.

Gurgaon Muslim Council member Altaf Ahmed said that since Thursday, Hindutva organizations had been “using condemnable tactics” to put pressure on the Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha in the city to stop Muslims from offering namaz at their premises.

Daya Singh, a spokesperson for the management committee of the Gurudwara council was quoted as saying to PTI, “We had offered an open space in an adjacent school and the basement of the gurdwara for Friday prayers but the Muslim brothers decided not to offer namaz. They did not want any issue on the occasion of Gurupurab.”

However, some Sikhs had opposed the committee’s decision to allow Friday prayers at the gurudwaras, the news agency reported.

Meanwhile, the Hindutva group- Sanyukta Hindu Sangharsh Samiti distributed books titled “Guru Tegh Bahadur-Hind ki Chadar” at the gurudwara where the Muslim prayers were going to take place and the group members stayed there till 2 pm.

Hindutva groups have sought to block namaz even in the past, claiming that they were planning to build a volleyball court, by organising a puja and spreading rows of cow dung at the site.

The Muslim community in Gurugram has said that they were forced to offer prayers in the open as the authorities have not given them enough land to build mosques in the city

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