Say Jai Shree Ram, become a Hindu or we will Bury you Alive, Muslim man beaten in Haryana by a Mob

“Mulla hai tu katalla, mullo se hmein nafrat hai , tujhe ham jaan se mardenge” they were saying this and beating me, says Arbaaz Khan “ They took a grinder and were putting on my arms to cut them” he added.

Arbaaz was told to say Jai Shree Ram or he will be buried alive. Arbaaz, a 21-year-old resident of village Kukarchati , Tehsil Hathin of District Palwal, Haryana works as an electrical repair mechanic for Airtel and Jio towers in Nuh, Haryana.

On 11th April, Arbaaz was working with Sunil, another mechanic at Nuh when he received a call from Sumit. Sumit told him that they have received a complaint about the cable wire of the Airtel tower at Dudhola road, and he has to go and repair it. Firstly, Arbaaz denied saying, “I am busy” but when Sumit called him again and again he agreed to go after completing his work.

Arbaaz left for the site at 7:00 pm and reached by 8:30. He reached the site and saw that the wire was fully burnt. By the time Jeetu and Chandu arrived, they ordered him to get it repaired as soon as possible. They told him our Oyo room ACs are not working get it repaired fast. “I have told you so many times that don’t connect your A.C’s from here that is why this wire gets burnt” Arbaaz replied. But to his surprise they started beating him and took him to the Oyo room, around 10-15 boys arrived and all of them started beating Arbaaz. “They were drinking and beating me, sometimes they used to beat me with the rod and sometimes with the pipe,” Arbaaz told THG “They were shouting “bol Jai Shree Ram, Hindu Ban”.

When Arbaaz didn’t return home his father, Yunus Khan enquired and got to know that he has gone to repair the tower at Dudhola Road, he sent his nephews to search for Arbaaz. Yunus got a call from his nephew who told him about the incident. Yunus rushed to the Hatheen Police Station but he was told to call 112, he tried but didn’t get any help.

After some time Yunus got a call that his son is at Gadpuri Police Station. Police took him for medical at Palwal, from where he was referred to Delhi. Delhi is far from Palwal, so Yunus decided to get his son admitted to Metro Hospital, Faridabad. He is under treatment.

The police have filed an FIR against Jeetu, Chandu and 10-15 others under sections 148,149,323,342506,379B of IPC, but no arrest was made as of writing. The FIR mentions that Arbaaz has 14 injuries to different parts of his body including his face.

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