‘You only have 2 days’; Threatening posters in a Muslim area

Threatening posters have been put up in the slums where the Muslim community lives and works in Sector 69A of the ‘Mega City’ of Gurugram, Haryana, leaving local residents worried.

“Slum dwellers… You should vacate the houses soon and leave. Otherwise, you will have to face bad consequences. You go out and save your life. You only have 2 days left” Posters were pasted in the slum area of ​​69A.

Posters were put up specifically targeting the Muslim community. This comes days after communal clashes broke out in the neighboring Nuh district where the posters were found.

The local police cleared the posters and registered a case. But fear is not the only thing that has subsided in the community. “We have removed the posters and started an investigation into this. No one has been arrested so far and the culprits have not been identified,” Assistant Commissioner of Police Manoj Kumar told news media.

Sector 69A slums of the ‘mega city’ are inhabited by domestic workers and laborers in multi-storied apartment complexes. After the posters appeared in the area, people living in the area lived in fear for days.

“We have been living here for many years. We fear more for our children. The kids stay here alone when my husband and I go to work. We went to the village after the riot. But now these posters have appeared,” a woman told the media about her apprehension.

Six people were killed in the area after the violence in Nuh last July. This area is on the outskirts of Gurugram city. Many families have left the area since communal violence broke out. Those who are staying here are now worried.

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