If India becomes Hindu Rashtra, it’s not the loss of Muslims but of Dalits and OBCs’: Prashant Kanojia

Journalist and President of SC/ST cell of Rashtriya Lok Dal Prashant Kanojia said that if India becomes a Hindu Rashtra, then it’s not the loss of Muslims but of Dalits and OBCs.

In an interview with the National Dastak, talking about the attacks on Dalits and OBC’s Prashant Kanojia said, “Let it be Modi, Adityanath or Bhagwat, Dalits are being attacked continuously. And the Dalit must give an answer to them. Their answer is that they will have to understand what the BJP and RSS is. By giving Hindu chocolate, they want to imprison people in a cage. So, I say that the Bharatiya Janata Party cannot win a council in Uttar Pradesh or even in the whole country. So I request people to awaken because if Hindu Raj is formed, then the Muslims will not suffer much, the Dalits and OBCs will suffer the most. They must understand this,” he said.

The social society in the whole country is in a very bad condition, the Journalist said, adding, “Who’s in power? RSS and BJP. Their organizations, BJP and RSS are made of Dalits, Tribes and backward classes. So it’s obvious what Yogi Adityanath knows about social justice. Has he ever gone to a school ? Those who roam in pots never do anything for justice.”

Kanojia said that Adityanath believes in classes of Thakur and this time, the Dalits will give an answer to the Thakur class. “Our communities pen will work in such a way that we’ll pot confine Yogi,” Kanojia added.

Dalits attacks

Citing several incidents of attacks of Dalits across the country, Prashant Kanojia said that there been continuous attacks on the Dalits and asked why hasn’t NSA or UAPA been enacted on the attackers.

“There have been continuous attacks (on Dalits). Why hasn’t NSA or UAPA been enacted on them? Is it not necessary to know Urdu? Or is it important to be a Dalit, Tribes to make him ethnic. This shows how Yogi is working to make his community strong,” said the President of SC/ST cell of Rashtriya Lok Dal.

“This isn’t Thakur’s rule,” he said adding, “If you want to make such a rule, then go to Afghanistan. Sit on the Taliban’s lap and make however you want. This works with Dr. Ambedkar’s constitution. We belong to this country as long as there is a constitution. The day Constitution ends, we will fight a war. And will fight such a war as it happened in Bhima Koregaon.”

“From the time BJP has come to power, it’s become a culture and they’re developing this culture, ‘Do mob lynching and nothing will happen.’ I feel this should be stopped and a strict law should be made against it, such as NSA and UAPA. Mob lynching is a very big crime and the people who are involved in this are not less than terrorists,” Prashant Kanojia said.

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