Kashmir: Eyewitnesses say 3 boys were ‘taken out of the car, shot dead on street’

Eyewitnesses in Srinagar have claimed that “three boys were taken out from a car and shot dead on the street” by the police, who had said that “three militants were killed in a shootout.”

A video has been circulating on social media, in which the eyewitnesses claim that the three were “unarmed and were shot dead by the armed forces in front of us”.

The trio was dragged down from a vehicle and shot dead, the witness alleged.

Locals gathered near the spot of the incident, claiming the killed men were “innocent” and shouted slogans, and protests were reported.

In another viral video, wailing women can also be seen saying that they “witnessed a group of policemen”.

In the video, one of the protesting women said that Kashmiris have “no idea about the events unfolding around them. We are helpless people. How long will this go on?” she lamented.

“Have we raised our children to get killed on the streets like this? How long do we [Kashmirs] have to face this?” another woman in the video said.

The J&K Police on its official Twitter handle, however, has said that three militants were killed in the shoot-out.

“Police #neutralised 03 #terrorists in #Srinagar. Identification & affiliation of the killed terrorists is being ascertained. Further details shall follow,” the police tweeted.


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