JMI Professor Naved Iqbal recieves prestigious ‘French grant’

Jamia Millia Islamia Professor Naved Iqbal received the prestigious French grant “Directors of Associated Studies” (DEA) program-2021.

The International Foundation of the House of Human Sciences, France has awarded the prestigious French grant to Professor Iqbal.

Under this program, he has been invited for a research stay in the country to understand the perspective of French Mental Health professionals on child maltreatment and protection. He should subsequently compare this with the Indian mental health professionals on the same matter.

University of Tours (France) Prof. Catherine Belzung, has also invited Prof Iqbal to her laboratory where he should deliver lectures related to the child maltreatment and its negative impact on mental health. Therefore, interact with her colleagues for a possible future research collaboration.

Professor Naved Iqbal works in the Department of Psychology at JMI.

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