Action is demanded against those who are illegally employing out-of-state workers

Vijaypur: Workers from outside the state are being brought illegally into Vijayapur district and are being made to work without providing them with basic facilities.

Labor leader Prabhu Gowda Patil has demanded that the government should take appropriate action against the employers and labor officers who are working illegally for low wages.

He has issued a press release in this regard and said, “Outsiders have illegally encroached on the unorganized sector in various sectors, including construction workers. The government needs to trace their trail.

The Labor Department has completely failed to prevent the infiltration of out-of-state workers. Such matters have been brought to the notice of the authorities many times and they have remained silent. As a result of his silence, such atrocities have taken place today.

A heartbreaking incident took place at Rajguru Foods warehouse in the industrial area on the outskirts of the city, where seven of the eight workers from Bihar, who had already been suffering for their lives since last night, collapsed on the iron platform where the maize was stored for the workers from outside the state. Similarly, many other incidents may have occurred in industries. They alleged that the owner had covered them up so that they did not come to light.

To prevent such incidents from happening again, awareness of workers’ safety measures, and information about workers’ rights, duties, and facilities should be properly provided. Labor shortage meetings should be held once every month. Accordingly, appropriate legal action should be taken and punishment should be given to the labor officers and the owners. Patil demanded more compensation for the workers’ families.

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