Arbaz Mulla Murder Case: 10 Arrested, Sri Ram Sena Man Involved in Killing, says Police

The Belagavi police arrested 10 persons including a local leader of the Hindu right-wing outfit, Sri Ram Sene on Friday for the cold-blood murder of 24-year-old Muslim youth, Arbaz Aftab Mulla.

Pundalik Maharaj, the leader of Ram Sene was a suspect from the time Arbaz Mulla’s family accused him of having threatened their son for the past six months. The arrested people also include the parents of the woman with whom Mulla was in an alleged interfaith relationship.

Pic : Arbaz Mulla

Arbaz’s mother, Nazeema Mohammed Gouse Sheikh, had accused the woman’s father of involvement.

In a press release, the police said that the women’s parents, Shusheela Eerappa and Eerappa Basavanni Kumbara had hired contract killers to finish off Mulla. Others arrested include Kuthabuddhin Allahbaksh, Maruthi Prahlad, Manjunath Thukaram, Ganapathi Jnaneshwara, Prashant Kallappa, Praveen Shankar and Shridhar MahadevaDoni, The Quint reported

Arbaz Aftab Mulla was in an interfaith relationship with his neighbour.

Three days before his death, members of Sri Ram Sene had threatened him of dire consequences event, Mulla’s family alleged. Mulla had gone missing on September 28 and his body was found on a railway track near Belagavi’s Khanapur.

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