Bengaluru: City police releases advisory ahead of Independence Day Parade

The Bengaluru City Police have issued an advisory on traffic arrangements and restrictions in and around the Independence Day parade in Bengaluru at Field Marshal Manekshaw Parade Ground, also known as Brigade Parade Ground.
On August 15, from 8 am to 11 am, traffic on Cubbon Road from the BRV intersection to the Kamaraj Road junction in both directions will be limited since the ceremonial march will start at 9 am.

Vehicles heading into Manipal Center from Infantry Road have been instructed to utilise the Alies Circle – Dispensary Road route.
The commuters are being directed by the police to pull off of Infantry Road at Safina Plaza, turn left towards the Main Guard intersection, and proceed through Alies Circle and Dispensary Road to the Kamaraj Road-Dickenson Road junction.
The cars are then instructed to drive right towards the KR Road-Cubbon Road junction before turning left onto Cubbon Road to get to the Manipal Center Junction.

When leaving Manipal Junction, vehicles will travel to Webbs Junction and turn right onto MG Road.
Commuters are urged to continue in the direction of Anil Kumblae Circle, turn right at the BRV junction, and then move forward toward Central Street.
Vehicles travelling from Anil Kumble Circle to Cubbon Road have been instructed to continue straight at the Central Street intersection, turn right onto Infantry Road, and then travel to Alies Circle and Dispensary Road.
They are then instructed to drive right toward the KR Road junction, then turn left onto Cubbon Road until they reach the Manipal Center junction.

The public was advised not to engage in any actions that would obstruct pedestrians and cars during the march, including taking pictures and selfies.
People have also been told not to bring items like as helmets, cameras, radios, cameras, mobile phones, or umbrellas to the parade field since they won’t be allowed inside for security reasons.
It is required of spectators to take their seats before to 8 AM.

Source: The News Minute


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