Bengaluru is the country’s district with highest covid-19 active caseload

With almost 1.5 lakh Covid active cases, Bengaluru urban has become the district with the highest active caseload in India. The shocking rise in covid-10 cases is supposedly shattering the city’s medical infrastructure, and authorities plan to launch temporary care centers for treating Covid patients.

Bengaluru witnessed 16,662 fresh Covid cases on Friday. The active caseload in the garden city is now 1,49,624. Meanwhile, the number of active cases in Delhi is nearly one lakh, whereas it is above 80,000 in Mumbai.

According to medical experts, the daily positive caseload in Bengaluru could cross 25,000 by May 1. In such circumstances, the entire healthcare system in the city will be shattered. And if even 5 percent of these patients require critical care, the city’s health system will be stretched.

In the meantime, several experts suggested that the only possible way to curb the rising covid-19 positive cases in the city is by enforcing total lockdown.

The sudden surge in covid-19 positive cases in the country is baffling medical experts. Several medical experts had suggested that the double and triple mutated variant of Covid could be the main reason behind this sudden rise.

Madhukar Pai, professor of epidemiology at McGill University, had recently explained that the triple mutant variant of Covid-19 is more transmissible, and it could make people sick immediately. The country’s top medical professionals are learning in detail about the intensity of infection caused by the triple mutant virus and its effects on the vaccination.

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