Breakdown of rule of law in the state after Bommai’s takeover: Bahutava Karnataka

Bahutva Karnataka in regard to the breakdown of the rule of law in Karnataka and the communal violence that has spiked in Karnataka after Shri BS Bommai took over as the Chief Minister, organised a press conference raised thier demands on Tuesday.

The Press Conference was addressed by activists- Adv. B.T. Venkatesh, Senior Advocate, Mohammad Nayaz (Association for Protection of Civil Rights), Maitreyi Krishnan (Bahutva Karnataka), Mohammaed Nasir (Students Islamic Association), Saranya (Slum Mahila Sanghatane) and Aratrika Dey (All India Students Association).

Adv B.T. Venkatesh said Karnataka has a history of pluralism which is now being converted into a state of lawlessness.” Senior Advocate Nayaz said that Karnataka model is that of Basvanna and Kuwempu “but today this has been forgotten and attempts are being made to make this a State which has no value for the Constitution.”

Maitreyi Krishnan of Bahutva Karnataka highlighted Karnataka’s breakdown of the Rule of Law and “that the murders of Shri Masud, Shri Praveen Nettaru,Shri Mohammed Fazil, are a result of the collapse of rule of law under Shri B.S.Bommai.” She said, the murders of Masud, Praveen and Fazil are not isolated incidents.
“They are a result of a build-up of a cocktail of hate and impunity. She spoke of how the statements of the Chief Minister calling for a UP model and the call for encounters made by Dr. Ashwatnarayan were in complete violation of their Constitutional Oath. She said that a government that fails to comply with its Constitutional Duty has no moral or ethical right to continue.”

Bahutva Karnataka put forth these demands to the Karnataka government:

-The constitutional obligations of the state have been clearly detailed out by the Sureme Court in various judgement such as Tehseen Poonawalla vs Union of India[AIR 2018 SC 3354] and also the Guidelines on Communal Harmony, 2008. This are detailed in annexure a. We have repeatedly brought to the notice of the government these obligations, but they have failed to act on it. It must be done so immediately.

-The Chief Minister apologise to the state for the three murders. He must apologise for his statement calling for the UP model and withdraw the same.

-The Chief Minister must take action against Dr.Ashwatnarayan for openly advocating illegal means to end violence.

-Action must be taken against Pramod Muthalik, Koli Swamy, Mr.Eswharappa and other hate mongers.

-The Chief Minister must act against the media who include in rumour-mongering and spreading hatred.

-The Chief Minister must visit the homes of Fazil, Masud, Sahabaz, Sameer and announce compensation for all
The administration must immediately hold dialogues with the youth on their concerns regarding education and job creation

-If the Chief Minister cannot act on any of these demands, he must immediately resign from his post.


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