Disappointed by Karnataka HC’s response to petition for allowing hijab in classrooms: SIO

Students Islamic Organisation (SIO) of India has said that the Karnataka high court’s response to the petition for allowing hijab in classrooms is ‘disappointing’. Muslim women can’t be asked to choose between their faith and education, SIO stated.

In a statement released on social media, the students’ organisation said, “The Karnataka High Court has equated hijab an article of faith with a politically motivated saffron shawl gimmick and essentially asked Muslim woman to suspend observance of their faith till the High Court hears the matter.”

“This displays a complete lack of understanding of the issue at hand as well as the simple fact that for a believing person articles of faith are not optional protocols to be picked up or abandoned at a mere whim.”

Highlighting that hijab is an essential religious practice in Islam, the SIO said, “The court’s order is a direct infringement of the Muslim woman’s fundamental right to practice the faith as well as the fundamental right to education without discrimination.”

On Thursday, the Karnataka High Court said that the students should not wear any religious garments, till the matter is pending. The next hearing is adjourned to February 14.


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