Distribution of millet malt to 60 lakh school children from February 22: Minister Madhu Bangarappa

School Education and Literacy Department Minister Madhu Bangarappa said that from February 22, millet malt will be distributed to school children three days a week.

Speaking in Shimoga, he said, “The state government has decided to provide millet malt to 60 lakh school children. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah will inaugurate the program in Bengaluru on the 22nd of this month,” he said.

Responding to the issue of compensation for those who died due to KFD, he said, “I have brought to the attention of the government that compensation should be given to those who died due to KFD. I have suggested to give the information of those who died from KFD. Attention will be paid to compensation,” he said.

Reacting to the state government’s compensation to a person who died in an elephant attack in Kerala, “Bangarappa had given 2 crores to Sathya Sai Baba Hospital when he was CM. There was opposition to that too. He said that the patients of our state go to that hospital and get treatment. Similarly, compensation has been given to those who were trampled to death by an elephant. BJP has no job. This is what they do for it. The government had not given any order to change the slogan of the temple of knowledge, come inside. “There is confusion due to some messages received on WhatsApp,” he said.

“I asked for 100 new transport buses for Shivamogga district. So far 10 buses have arrived. The bus will be inaugurated in the guarantee convention on February 24,” Madhu Bangarappa said at the same time.

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