Don’t Spread To Larger Level”: Supreme Court ‘No’ To Urgent Hearing On Karnataka Hijab Row

The Supreme Court on Friday rejected an urgent hearing in regards to a petition linked to the hijab row in Karnataka, saying, “We will interfere only at an appropriate time.”

On Friday, a Muslim student from Udupi government college in Karnataka had approached the top court after the High Court yesterday advised students to avoid wearing “religious garments” until it further decides on the matter.

Declining an urgent hearing on the petition, chief Justice NV Ramana said, “Don’t spread these things to a national level. We will interfere only at an appropriate time.”

However, the Apex Court remained firm, wen a lawyer pressed the court to take it up, arguing that the case had “far-reaching implications” and students had been wearing the hijab or head scarf for 10 years.

Chief Justice Ramana said, “Please do not spread it to larger levels. we know what is happening. Think over, is it proper to bring these things to Delhi? The national level? If there is anything wrong, we will protect..”

The girl’s petition had challenged the Karnataka High Court’s three bench’s interim order that educational institutions in the state can open for now but with no religious clothing to the college.

Earlier this week, schools and colleges were shut down in an escalating row over hijab restrictions in class.

When Kapil Sibal, a Congress leader and senior lawyer, urged the Supreme Court to take up the student Fathima Bushra’s petition, saying the issue is “spreading across the country”, Chief Justice Ramana replied saying, “We will see.”


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