Five arrested in Bengaluru for allegedly gang raping and assaulting woman

Bengaluru police on Thursday arrested five people, four men and one women, in links to the alleged rape and torture case of a woman in Ramamurthy Nagar. The alleged were arrested after a video clip of the incident went viral on social media in Assam.

According to the police, the accused and the victim are Bangladeshi nationals and part of a cross-border human trafficking network.

Bengaluru city police commissioner Kamal Pant tweeted, “as per the information revealed so far, all of them are part of the same group and believed to be from Bangladesh. Due to financial differences, the culprits brutalized the victim, who is also a Bangladeshi and was brought to India for human trafficking.”

After the video went viral on social media in many parts of the North East, the Assam police tweeted about the incident. They promised a reward to anyone who could provide information on it.

Assam police stated that the gang recorded the incident themselves and shared the video with their friends in several parts of the North East.

The Assam police tracked down the origin of the phone number from which the video was forwarded and immediately notified the Bengaluru police. After this, special teams were set up, and, within hours, the alleged gang was arrested on May 27 evening.

The Bengaluru police arrested the six from a rented house at Avalahalli, Ramamurthy Nagar in east Bengaluru, and all of them were labourers.

A police official said that a rape and assault case had been filed against the accused in Ramamurthy Nagar Police Station based on the contents in the video clip and facts revealed during preliminary interrogation of the arrested persons. And as the victim is in a neighbouring state, a police team has been sent to trace her so she can join the investigation.

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