God has sent Modi to raise prices in India – Karnataka Minister

Karnataka: Koppal District In-charge Minister Shivraj Thangadagi has launched a scathing critique of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent assertion of divine mandate.

Addressing supporters on behalf of Congress candidate Chandrashekhar Patil in the North-East Graduate Constituency, Minister Thangadagi retorted to PM Modi’s claims by suggesting a different celestial agenda, quipping, “Perhaps God has sent him (Modi) to raise prices in India.”

Thangadagi emphasized the fundamental democratic principle, stating, “Even though the Congress ruled for 50 years, not once did they claim that God had sent us. Voters sent us, we have to work for them.”

Contrasting the Congress party’s approach with the BJP’s rhetoric, he rejected the notion of buying public support, asserting, “They talk like the BJP has bought people. But we try to speak the truth.” Thangadagi underscored the Congress party’s reverence for voters, likening them to gods.

Urging support for the Congress candidate, Chandrashekhar Patil, Thangadagi rallied attendees at the campaign meeting held at Amaregowda Biyapur residence in Kushtagi town. Alongside Thangadagi, Congress district president Amaregowda Patila Biyapur and former MP Sanganna Karadi lent their voices to the call for voter empowerment.

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