Goonda Act against Puneeth Kerehalli repealed: released from jail

The government has quashed the Goonda Act registered against the self-proclaimed cow protector, Puneet Kerehalli, the accused in the Idris Pasha murder case, and has issued an order to the police department to release him from jail.

Puneeth Kerehalli was booked by the Karnataka government under the Goondas Act last August and the CCB police arrested him and sent him to Agrahara Jail in Parappa.

Puneeth Kerehalli had approached the Karnataka High Court alleging that his arrest was illegal. The government had constituted an advisory committee to inquire into the matter. The committee said in its report that there were ‘no sufficient grounds to keep the detainee in custody’.

Pursuant to this report, on September 16, the Under Secretary of the Home Administration Department (Law & Order) has issued an order to the Bangalore City Police Commissioner Bandarangayya NR and has instructed Puneeth Kerehalli to be released from custody.

Puneeth Kerehalli was released from Parappa’s Agrahara Central Jail soon after this order.

This is the first case where a case registered under the Goonda Act has been quashed. 10 cases have been registered against Puneeth Kerehalli from 2013 to 2023. The CCB police had registered a case under the Goonda Act against Kerehalli as he was repeatedly involved in anti-social criminal activities. But now he has come out of jail within a few days of his arrest.

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