Karnataka: Bommai dismisses rumours about his replacement

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai declared on Thursday that rumours about his replacement prior to the 2023 Assembly elections are “baseless” and “falsehood,” adding that he will work even more for the state and the BJP.
As the Chief Minister resumed his usual activities today after recuperating from a COVID-19 illness, here is his initial response to the situation. After testing positive on August 6, he had been at his house in isolation.

Recently, there has been considerable talk inside the state BJP about a possible overhaul, even at the top, especially in light of the recent visit by Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

In addition, the Congress has been speculating in a series of tweets over the past two days about the possibility of the state having a third Chief Minister during this tenure with Mr. Bommai being removed, even going so far as to brand him a “puppet Chief Minister.”

In response to a question on the Congress tweets speculating about change of chief minister, he said “More than anything I’m ‘Sthitaprajna’ (man of steady wisdom), because I’m aware of the truth and there is no basis to such talk, as they are politically motivated,”

The Chief Minister stated in a statement to media in Bengaluru that these discussions had strengthened his determination and resolve. He further said that he feels inspired to do more for the state and its citizens.

Source: Indian Express


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