Karnataka Farmers climbed the tower demanding relief

Bagalkote: On Thursday, six farmers from the Chikkalagi village in the Jamkhandi taluk of the district climbed a cell phone tower and asked for money to make up for the damage the rain had done to their crops. The individuals who scaled the tower were Mallappa Biradara, Siddu Shinde, Yallappa Bellubbi, Munika Gurachi, Gnanadeva Malika, and Chirava Mohite. The grape harvest, which had been laboriously grown during the year, was ruined. They insisted on rapid reimbursement for their loss.
Even though the townspeople begged them to come down, they vowed not to come down until the authorities arrived. They remained atop the building until they did.
Tehsildar Sadashiva Mukkoji came to see everyone and told them that a check will be made to see how badly the crops were hurt. Farmers stepped down after he told them that the damage would be fixed and that they would be paid for it.
Heavy rains that fell in the Jamkhandi region on Wednesday night caused extensive damage to a grape crop that was worth more than Rs 40 crore. The damage was caused by the severe rains. Five thousand hectares of land in the taluk are devoted to the cultivation of grapes. The situation is difficult for grape farmers across more than 2,000 farms in this part of the country. The recent hailstorm in Teradala caused some damage to a wheat crop that was there. Rainfall of a significant amount was recorded in Badami, but only showers were observed in Mahalingapur and Bagalkot.

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