Karnataka government issues health advisory as temperature take a rise

Temperature in Karnataka is soaring high with the state’s Health and Family Welfare Department has issued a public health advisory for vulnerable sections of the people.

The state government has asked its people to be extra cautious as the temperatures are likely remain the same for the next few days. According to a Deccan Herald report, the health department has asked the people to stay hydrated and consume as much as liquids to stay hydrated.

Vulnerable sections of people are pregnant women, infants, people with physical and mental issues and the older sections of people. They are asked to be extra cautious in such soaring temperatures. They are also advised to keep their heads covered from direct sunlight and constantly use oral rehydration solutions (ORS).

There are some parts of Bengaluru which are running dry and most of the places are facing water issues. The borewells in the city are drying up, and there are many residents, who are now depending on the tankers.

People also allege that during this crisis, the water tankers of the city are trying to benefit from the crisis by charging exorbitant amounts from the residents. For instance, a 1000-litre water tanker which would cost ₹600 to ₹800 is now costing more than ₹2000. They are doing business with this. People of the state have urged the state government to put a price cap on these water tankers and also to restrict them from overcharging.

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