Karnataka High Court directs Election Commission to provide form to candidates for disclosure of criminal case

The Karnataka High Court has directed the State Election Commission and other bodies related to the election process to implement the directions given by the Supreme Court.
As per the directive, the state high court said that the candidates contesting the election should declare their involvement if they are involved in pending criminal cases.

The election of the petitioner was annulled by the Election Tribunal on the ground of failure to disclose pending criminal cases against him and such annulment was upheld by a Single Member Bench of the High Court.

A division bench of Chief Justice Prasanna B Varale and Justice Krishna S Dixit dismissed the petitioner’s appeal against the single bench order.

The State Election Commission and other bodies concerned with the election process should implement the directions of the Supreme Court by issuing or attaching necessary forms in the matter of elections to all the local bodies of the state.

Every candidate should fill out the form as provided by the Election Commission and record all the required details in the form. The bench said that criminal cases pending against the candidate should be mentioned in bold letters.

The Election Commission should also disclose information about the candidate’s criminal cases on the Commission’s website and the media.

The court said that political parties should also issue an announcement in widely circulated newspapers about the criminal records of their party candidates.

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