Karnataka hijab row: Group of Muslim girls, demanding entry wearing hijab, booked in Tumkur

A group of female students in Karnataka’s Tumkuru district, demanding that they be allowed to enter their college premises wearing hijab have been charged with unlawful assembly and disobeying an order promulgated by a public servant, Indian Express reported.

The principal of Empress Government Pre-University College in Tumakuru filed a case against 10-15 “unknown” girl students.

The police on Thursday barred the female students from entering the college and told them that they would be permitted entry only if they take off their hijab. However, some students demanded answers from college authorities about why they were not being allowed inside the campus.

In his complaint, the principal said, “10-15 students wearing hijab demanded entry into the college, and disrupted routine activities of the college,” Indian Express reported.

As a preventive measure, the police had imposed prohibitory orders under CrPC Section 144 within 200 meters of the college campus.


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